In the wave of industrial revolution 4.0, Blockchain is considered the “key” to digital transformation and building future technology platforms. Capturing that trend, the Bcnex blockchain trading platform is the result of the efforts, vision and passion of a team of Vietnamese technology investors and developers.

At Bcnex, we always honor the values that connect people and promote creativity. We look forward to building an ecosystem of “creative blockchain start-up incubator” - where communication, knowledge sharing and exchange of values will be facilitated by blockchain technology, not only in Vietnam but also worldwide.

Inspired by the lotus flower - the symbol of Vietnam.
The color of the Logo is pink, the color of a lotus flower, signifying the soul of Vietnam and intelligence.
The Bcnex logo was created with the implication of humanistic values and Eastern philosophy, which is the philosophy of balance and sustainable development.
The lotus symbol used in the logo is stylized in a circle with two diagonal squares symbolizing Circumstance - Location - Human, which respectively represent the Right place, Right time, and Right people.
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    The Beginning
    The Logo originated from the idea of Mr. Ngo Hoang Quyen - the CEO of Bcnex in combination with that of Bcnex design manager, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Lien Son.
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    The Idea
    The initial intention of both creators was to create a logo that represents the nature and mission of Bcnex – a technology trading platform “by Vietnamese people for Vietnamese people”.
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    Original and “Native to Vietnam”
    It took us 2 months to consider, select, search, visualize and discuss to conceptualize the Bcnex logo that conveys the desired meaning, but also encompasses the principles of brand standards, which is simple, recognizable and distinctive , especially in the blockchain sector; while also being “Native to Vietnam”.
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    Despite the submission of a lot of ideas and designs, there has not been a design that meets our criteria. This was mainly due to all of our original designs being limited to cryptocurrency and finance, and even projected to being compared with the Binance trading platform.
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    A moment to reflect
    We have paused everything to process the concept and its realization; the two brothers were leaving the office for the day and were enjoying the beautiful city of Hanoi while reflecting on the idea of the Bcnex Logo. Stopping at West Lake, in front of us was a fresh lotus pond with sweet aroma permeating the air, evoking a feeling of peace and comfort in our hearts. In that moment, the idea of a logo with a simple design, impressive color, humanistic meaning, and recognizable shape was born.
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    Logo Dominant Color
    Is the use of the pink shade of lotus appropriate for a Blockchain trading platform? At the most difficult time, among many of the demo logos that Son was designing, were in a variety of shapes and colors. Finally, Mr. Ngo Hoang Quyen, with his unique perspective, suggested to completely change the design to a gentler and visually stunning color tone: Using pink as the dominant color.
Bcnex logo formation
The logo of a blockchain platform of Vietnamese people, by Vietnamese people
When seeing the lotus symbol, without explanation we will immediately think of the image of Eastern development. Through that, Bcnex wants to convey the message that symbolizes the balance and sustainable development of the Bcnex Blockchain platform with a team made of 100% Vietnamese developers.
Logo Structure
The logo is composed of 2 parts: the round symbol and the word Bcnex (Blockchain Exchange)
Humanistic meaning
The logo uses the overall circle as the main symbol, inside is a vertical square, a 45-degree rotated image, and a small circle in the center. With the meaning of the four directions or the four corners of the earth, the circle represents the sun, the earth, the coin...
With the principle of Oriental Fengshui, the logo radiates strong energy, the energy of positivity and development.
Brand Color
The logo uses the symbolic scarlet shade of pink (typical for the lotus) and black color for the Bcnex text, creating a friendly, welcoming and completely different concept from the existing logos on the market.
Practical application
The Logo can be used on all materials and in all sizes, large or small, and still results in an appealing visual appearance and easy identification, meeting the most rigorous criteria of design trademark standards.

We love the meaning of this Logo and the core value of Bcnex that it conveys. “Creative Blockchain platform start-up incubator” with a 100% Vietnamese development team

Bcnex will be a hub for creative project ideas, deployed on the blockchain in Vietnam and constantly evolving, growing and making the world a more harmonious place. This is the story, values and vision behind the name and origin of “Bcnex”.