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Instructions for claiming Bcnex Bounty

  • Bounty participants need to complete KYC in order to be able to claim and make withdrawals of their rewards. (No KYC deadline)
  • Each participant/user can unlock immediately 5% of the total tokens.
  • 0.5% of the total BCNX token from bounty will be automatically unlocked every day, until all tokens are unlocked.
  • For example: If the amount of your total BCNX token from bounty balance is 1000 BCNX, you will receive 5 BCNX every day unti you receive a total of 1000 BCNX
  • Bounty participants can transfer their locked tokens to each other on the platform.
  • * Note: Internal transfer of locked token balance will change the number of unlocked BCNX daily.
  • Example: You have initially 1000 BCNX tokens that are locked.
  • If you receive 500 tokens from other users, the daily unlocked tokens remain the same: 0.5% x (1000+500) = 7.5 BCNX per day.
  • Holding BCNX tokens to speed up unlocking: The amount of extra tokens unlocked per day will be equal to 2% of the total BCNX tokens you have on hold.
  • For example: The amount of your total BCNX token from bounty is 1000 BCNX tokens, each day you will receive.
  • 0.5% x1000 + 2% x1000 = 5 BCNX + 20 BCNX = 25 BCNX per day.

Bounty campaign description

Bounty Allocation:

650,000 BCNX tokens will be allocated for our bounty campaign




Media/Blog Articles

Video (Youtube)


75,000 BCNX

150,000 BCNX

225,000 BCNX

225,000 BCNX

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